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2021 How to preserve your vision

Cheerfulness, activity, dynamism and richness with life are indispensable attributes of the portrait of any modern successful person. In order to have time everywhere and fully comply with existing requirements, the human body is faced with many trials. Unfortunately, life in an active mode consumes the existing adaptive potential of the organism. At the same time, the state of high readiness is provided by the nervous system, as well as the visual analyzer.

A person receives about 80% of information about the outside world with the help of his eyes.

Due to their increased vulnerability and uniqueness, our eyes require maximum protection and respect. The key to achieving this goal is competent prevention, as well as effective supportive therapy. Most of the modern professions have a direct connection with the use of computers and other technology. A person regularly uses smartphones and tablets in his work, watches TV and reads books.

Vision problems significantly impair the quality of life. Moreover, in the most advanced cases, they can cause the loss of your favorite job, and sometimes even the ability to self-service. Our visual apparatus is not genetically adapted to the increased requirements dictated to us by modern life.

The professions where the visual analyzer is used to the maximum include jewelry, work that is associated with prolonged use of a PC with long periods of strong accommodation, work at objects with high t and eye strain. In addition, the eyes are exposed to high loads during long-term work with the microscope. This is especially dangerous for doctors, laboratory assistants, as well as medical and scientific workers, whose studies are accompanied by a high content of chemistry in the air.

Visual analyzers also suffer from the long concentration of their attention on a small text in combination with the increased psychological and emotional stress of teachers. Vision plays an extremely important role in the field of surgery and microsurgery. Once again, there is no need to talk about the importance of good vision for pilots and drivers, whose work is associated with prolonged concentration, as well as vibration. Of course, this paragraph lists only a small list of professions that form a high load on the visual analyzer.

The human eye is an extremely complex optical device

It is the perceiving element of the visual organ. The retina of the eye perceives irritation from light, acting as a window to the outside world for us. Visual perception is our ability to receive data by converting the vision system to energy from the emission of a range of light.

It is important to note that the visual sensor system includes a number of departments. The peripheral section, represented by the eyeballs, deserves special attention. In fact, this is a paired formation in the form of an irregular ball, which is located in the orbits of our skull.

Through nerves through the axons of the ganglion cells that form the conductor section of the human sensor system, the retina has a direct connection with the brain centers in the back of our brain, as well as the adjacent gyri. So, the ability to see a person acquires due to complex processes both in the organs of vision, and additionally in our entire body.

Plus, the retinal receptors react to light, sending the appropriate signal to a special nerve center, which is the suprachiasmotic nucleus. After that, the signal is additionally propagated to different structures of our brain. As a response to these signals, special neurohormones are formed, which regulate the activity of our body and provide a dynamic rhythm of sleep and subsequent wakefulness.

Impact of diseases on the quality of vision

Eye health is highly sensitive to the condition of the entire body. If a person suffers from vascular, metabolic and other diseases (for example, hypertension, diabetes, osteochondrosis, etc.), then this adversely affects vision. The level of damage to the vessels of the fundus reflects similar disorders that are present in other organs, as well as systems of our body. This makes it possible to indirectly assess the general state of the microvasculature of blood vessels in the human body.

As an illustrative example, let's look at retinopathy. This is a progressive retinal lesion. The development of this disease occurs in type 1 diabetes in almost all patients, and in type 2 diabetes - in about 80-90% of patients. Surgical and laser treatment used in this case does not eliminate the causes of the disease, which does not allow stopping its progression.

It is important to note that in the structure of the eye and the entire general visual system, the retina is the most delicate element with a complex organization. Moreover, he most of all suffers from external (ultraviolet and other radiation) and internal negative factors. Damage to the retina leads to a significant deterioration in vision, which can often reach blindness.

The most common causes of blindness are retinal diseases such as macular degeneration, which develops with age, hereditary retinal dystrophies (including retinitis pigmentosa), as well as myopia with complications, retinopathy caused by diabetes.

Impairs vision and prolonged exhaustion. Eye injuries are a serious hazard. According to statistics, vision after suffering head and brain injuries is impaired in about 75% of cases.

How to keep your eyesight. Prevention methods

Comprehensive effective prevention of eye pathologies along with the elimination of risk factors in the format of constant monitoring of common diseases, occupational hazards, as well as injuries in combination with a healthy lifestyle, proper good regime, balanced diet and physical activity are extremely important if you want to maintain eye health for a long time.

The innovative achievements of domestic science help to preserve the opportunity to see all the colors and shades of life for the longest possible time.

Peptide biological regulation deserves special attention among modern methods of prevention and therapy aimed at restoring vision. To solve this problem, bioregulatory peptides are used.

These are unique short chains of amino acids, a kind of targeted signaling molecules. In a properly functioning cell, such peptides are formed during the destruction of their protein molecules. We get a small part of these peptides from food.

With age, gradually and under the influence of negative factors, the number of our regulatory peptides decreases. As a result, the efficiency of the cell goes out, the activity of cell multiplication decreases, as well as the production of protein in them. This causes a decrease in the regenerative function of aging tissues.

After the peptides in question enter the cell, they directly affect the activity of specific genes. They activate the reading of the necessary data from the DNA. Thanks to this, the cell again produces proteins, its work is normalized, and destructive changes in our body are minimized.

Peptides are classified as geroprotectors. That is, these are substances that slow down the processes of age-related changes. Due to the small mass of molecules and the strict specificity of tissues, peptide biological regulators do not cause manifestations of allergies, they are absolutely safe for every person. Plus, in the process of using them, there is no withdrawal syndrome, as well as an overdose.

Epimutations (changes in gene activity under the influence of negative manifestations, without changes in the very structure of DNA) are extremely common and are serious manifestations of aging in our body. The first successes in the treatment of retinal diseases in the Russian Federation were achieved in St. Petersburg in the second part of the twentieth century at the Kirov Military Medical Academy. The pioneers were the scientific laboratory of biological regulators under the leadership of Professor Havinson. In the process of studying the issues of increasing the life resource of the military in difficult conditions of professional activity (in the case of laser damage to the eyes), scientists were able to discover an innovative direction, which is associated with the use of peptides for the biological regulation of the whole organism. The studies performed have become the basis for the concept and system of peptide regulation of our body that is relevant today.

“An extremely interesting experimental fact was the discovery of the ability of peptides to produce qualitative differentiation of pluripotent stem cells most important for the human body. For example, it turned out that if you add retinal peptides directly to the above cells of the toad ectoderm, cells of the retina, as well as the pigment epithelium, appear. This result explains the positive clinical effect of using the drug in humans for degenerative diseases of the retina, as well as in animals suffering from deterministic retinitis pigmentosa. If you add other peptides in a similar model of experiments, other tissues appear, ”Khavinson draws attention in scientific papers.

An improved complex of peptides for the organs of vision

The complex was developed by Peptides medical specialists. It consists of Revilab ML-03, Cerluten, Visoluten and Ventfort.

This complex was created for the prevention of eye diseases, which has a huge evidence base. Its reception significantly reduces the risk of developing many eye diseases, allowing you to maintain vision for more than 15 years.

The complex use of peptide-based agents for various retinal pathologies significantly increases the effectiveness of each drug.

Studies that have been carried out over several decades show the impressive efficacy and complete safety of peptide-based products. We can say with full confidence that they have broad prospects for use for the prevention and prevention of rapid aging, which is accompanied by the depletion of our body.

Cerluten is a complex of peptide fractions synthesized from the brain tissues of young animals. Has impressive efficacy in the comprehensive treatment of any retinal disease. This remedy restores metabolic processes in the optic nerve, as well as the apparatus of the nerves and receptors of the eye. The drug improves the transmission of impulse signals from the cell to the nerves. It has a tissue-specific effect on the brain, restores cortical neurons, optimizes the adaptation of our body to rapidly changing external conditions. Cerluten activates the activity of the cerebral cortex.The drug has an antitoxic and antioxidant effect. It significantly improves the process of fixing data in memory. In addition, it stimulates cell repair in our brain, and also accelerates the regeneration of its functions after exposure to stress and ischemia. This advantage is especially true for the retina, which is a derivative of nerve tissue.

Visoluten is a complex of polypeptides synthesized from the tissues of the eyes of young animals. Provides a targeted, clear and selective effect on photoreceptors, as well as cells of the retina, conjunctiva. The effect on the ciliary muscles deserves special attention. The drug normalizes their work and metabolism.Regulates the function of the visual analyzer. Visoluten improves the interaction of the pigment epithelium, as well as the outer segments of the photoreceptors, which are significantly deteriorated and inhibited during various processes of dystrophy and degeneration. The drug accelerates the regeneration of the sensitivity of the retina to light. Normalizes the general condition of the cornea, as well as vascular permeability. The complex reception of Visoluten reduces local inflammatory reactions.

Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of taking the above remedy for a comprehensive restoration of the work of the visual organs in diseases of various origins, incl. degenerative and dystrophic diseases of the retina, corneal dystrophy after trauma, as well as glaucoma and cataracts. Visoluten is an excellent means of preventing fatigue, as well as irritability during a long stay at the computer and exposure to negative external factors (including hazards at work). It is also extremely effective with age-related changes to optimize visual functions.

Ventfort is an effective complex of peptide fractions synthesized from the vessels of young animals. Differs in a selective effect on different cells of the vessel walls, normalizes metabolism in cells, and also regulates the work of the vessel walls. The tool activates the restoration of endothelial tissues. Ventfort activates the differentiation and production of structural and functional proteins of the endothelium. Promotes the restoration of interaction between cells.

Due to this, tissue trophism is significantly improved, manifestations of hypoxia, edema and tissue dispatch are minimized, metabolic processes are normalized. The drug effectively restores the work of capillaries, improves the elasticity of blood vessels, minimizes the risk of damage and injury to the walls of blood vessels, hemorrhage, as well as the formation of blood clots. Reception of Ventfort improves the general condition of the retina located on the choroidal choroid, which feeds it and performs a transport function. The use of this agent reduces the permeability of the vessels of the wall, reduces the area and accelerates the resorption of hemorrhages.

Revilab Peptide ML-03 is an innovative complex action age protector based on ultrashort peptides. The use of these substances can be confidently called a key innovation in the field of medicine aimed at combating age-related changes. This drug makes it possible to slow down aging, maintain normal metabolic rates, prevent and correct various diseases. The effectiveness of this product is ensured by a high-tech matrix.Short peptides are distinguished by a sequence of amino acids that are identical to the active groups that are part of natural peptides and are produced in the right amount in a young and completely healthy human body. Revilab Peptide ML03 contains in its composition a whole complex of short produced peptides: brain, retina, vascular wall. Additionally, the formula is enriched with astaxanthin, choline, B vitamins, clove essential oil and omega-3. The complex of these active elements restores and has a regulatory effect on the body.

The use of the considered complex is an effective solution for:

prevention of eye diseases and deterioration of vision with overexertion of the organs of vision, poor heredity;
the need to remove the spasm of accommodation;
the first stages of glaucoma, as well as cataracts;
retinal angiopathy, developing against the background of the progression of diabetes and hypertension;
degenerative changes in the main retina;
narrowing of the visual fields, as well as atrophy of the optic nerve;
treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the nervous system;
circulatory disorders in the brain;
recovery from traumatic brain injuries and operations.

How to use?

Revilab ML-03 should be taken one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach for two months.

At the same time, you should take one Ventfort capsule per day in the morning on an empty stomach for twenty days. After that, you should start using Visoluten one capsule at a time, in the morning on an empty stomach for twenty days. The scheme should be completed with Cerluten, one capsule a day, in the morning on an empty stomach for twenty days.