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2019 Oligopeptides and the nuances of their use

This article is devoted to oligopeptides and the nuances of their use. Very often, talking about aging, we mean facial wrinkles and sagging skin. But age-related changes affect not only the appearance, but also the internal systems of the body. Our organs age like skin. To stop this process, scientists came up with unique drugs - oligopeptides. This is a new word in the prevention of aging. Oligopeptides regulate the functioning of individual organs and systems, purposefully acting on them; improve metabolic processes in the body. The effectiveness of oligopeptides is due to their composition: the main component of these drugs is amino acids, they contain from four to ten in oligopeptides. Amino acids are the "building material" for proteins, which, in turn, are the basis of the body. The first oligopeptides were of animal origin, they were obtained from embryos, but soon the European Parliament vetoed the use of biological material, fearing the possibility of transmission of infectious diseases. Now oligopeptides are synthetically prepared. Scientists note that the effect of such drugs is no worse. In order for the cells, and therefore the organs, to work well, they need a certain set of regulatory information, which oligopeptides provide. Moreover, for different groups of cells requires a different set. Deficiency of oligopeptides in the body leads to impaired cell function. As a result, various diseases arise, the aging of the body is accelerated. When using oligopeptides, the following nuance must be taken into account: it happens that an oligopeptide acts not on one, but on several organs at once. The fact is that with age in the body, the mechanisms of regulation of the functioning of cells are disrupted and the specificity of the action of oligopeptides is “smeared”. Therefore, their use for preventive purposes should begin as early as possible. What are regulatory oligopeptides and what is the mechanism of their action? Regulatory peptides are high molecular weight compounds built from amino acid residues, compounds with peptide bonds. Amino acid is a minimally complex organic compound, at the same time both acid and base, because amide and carboxyl groups are “mounted” from both ends. They help amino acids combine with each other, forming relatively strong and at the same time labile structures. About 250 amino acids are known. Wildlife uses only 20 of them. However, imagine how many combinations can be made from only 20 source units! All proteins are created from them, which form the basis of any organism: structural, catalytic (enzymes), regulatory. As a result of a series of successive chemical reactions carried out using special enzymes (peptidases), oligopeptides with high biological activity are formed in the cells and are classified as regulators of various physiological processes. All body cells constantly synthesize and maintain a certain, functionally necessary level of bioregulatory oligopeptides. But when deviations from "stationarity" occur, their biosynthesis (in the body as a whole or in its individual "loci") either intensifies or weakens. Such fluctuations occur constantly when it comes to adaptive reactions (getting used to new conditions), performance of work (physical or emotional actions), a state of pre-illness - when the body includes increased protection against impaired functional balance. A classic case of maintaining balance is the regulation of blood pressure. There are groups of regulatory oligopeptides between which there is constant “competition” - lower / increase pressure. In order to run, climb the mountain, take a steam bath in the sauna, perform on the stage, finally, think you need a functionally sufficient increase in blood pressure. But as soon as the work is over, regulators come into action, providing a "soothing" of the heart and normal pressure in the vessels. Vasoactive oligopeptides constantly interact to “allow” to increase pressure to such a level (no more, otherwise the vascular system will go “peddling”; a well-known and bitter example is stroke) and to normalize the work of the heart and blood vessels after the physiological work is necessary. This is the general scheme. Not one or two key regulatory oligopeptides are involved in the development of various pathologies and systemic diseases, but their entire network. Regulatory oligopeptides act as “harmonizers”, regulators of the homeokinetic balance of many functional systems. From this point of view, the disease occurs when their functional ratio is violated in the system of regulatory oligopeptides. Not “this much” and “not enough”, but proportionality is upset. Therefore, when we say that the function of oligopeptides is ordered in time (the work of cells, organs, and the body as a whole), then with respect to the concept of “disease” we can use the Hamlet image - “the connection of time has broken up”.

The effect of oligopeptide bioregulators on the body can be described as follows: they rejuvenate the cells of the human body and carry out a protective effect, increasing the resistance of cells to hypoxia, the effects of toxins and other damaging factors; normalize metabolism in tissues, increase the efficiency of tissue assimilation of nutrients and excretion of metabolic products; positively affect the functional activity of cells, as well as the metabolism in them; optimize the processes of restoration of organs and tissues. Almost every organ and system of the human body has its own type of regulatory peptides: for joints, skin, liver, cardiovascular, nervous, immune, hormonal systems, etc. They not only slow down the aging process, but also restore the body, since we are every minute and hourly exposed to the destructive effects of both the time and the adverse, and often aggressive, environmental environment. Regulatory oligopeptides have a completely different - not a chemical principle of action. They contain information encrypted in the corresponding amino acids. It has long been known that old age, age-related changes are also an information process. It is as if someone inside us is giving a command to the cells of the body - to slow down, and then completely stop the process of cell reproduction. In the future, in 10-15 years it is possible that all of our medicine will be based on informational treatment. At a command from the outside, the body itself will remove sclerotic plaques from the aorta and extinguish inflammatory processes. Low molecular weight regulatory oligopeptides are one of the first breakthroughs in the information sphere of the human body. For the impact of regulatory oligopeptides on these or other cells of the organs and systems of the body, NNPTSTO specialists developed a transdermal (percutaneous) method for their administration. Using special preparations, oligopeptide bioregulators are transferred through layers of intact skin. The results are astounding, astounding all the more, because low molecular weight peptides have virtually no contraindications and side effects, are absolutely harmless. The spectrum of effects obtained with the use of bioregulatory oligopeptides is so wide that it can be justified as a systemic effect, correcting genetic stability, detecting and restoring disturbances in functional, metabolic, energy, information connections in the body, activating recovery, reparative processes at different levels. To date, doctors have concluded that six to eight oligopeptides can be used per month. However, it is still better to start with a maximum of two, adding two more each month. Dosage: starting with five to six drops, eventually bring to 15. Apply oligopeptides on different hands or on the same one, with an interval of 15 minutes. With caution, oligopeptides should be used in the following group of people: 1. People with cardiovascular diseases and those who have had heart surgery. Those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke can use oligopeptides only after a few months. 2. Cancer patients. People who have a tumor can only use OLIGOPEPTIDE 7, it is designed to maintain immunity. Do not use oligopeptides before the upcoming operation, as well as pregnant and lactating women and people with systemic diseases who have impaired immunity.