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2017 Recovering the liver with peptides is extremely important in the fall

Recovering the liver with peptides is extremely important in the fall.
The aggravation of many chronic diseases falls on autumn and we all know about it.

Do you take preventive measures that support your body, do you help him at this moment? What you need to know about them and how you can help yourself at home without resorting to chemotherapy drugs.
Each organ has periods of activity alternating with cycles of rest and relaxation of functions. In Eastern medicine, autumn is the time of weakening of the liver functions. And this means that right now she badly needs attention and care.
With a weakened liver, we quickly get sick and slowly recover. The reliability of the immune system of our body is largely determined by the well-being of the liver, it is not for nothing that it is considered
<second immunity>. The role of the "Queen of the body" is important, and in the maintenance of our beauty - many liver problems immediately affect the skin of the face, these are transverse and longitudinal wrinkles on the forehead, nose bridge, mesh and asterisks, gray complexion, frontal cheek, wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, brown stains around the eyes and at the roots of hair, thickening of the back of the nose. All these symptoms indicate that the liver needs your attention and support.

And more ..... THE LIVER'S WINDOWS are the EYES, it is necessary to know.
In the East they say, - The liver opens into eyes.
This means that any visual impairment and eye diseases indicate that the liver is overloaded.
The weakening of the liver functions is invariably reflected in women's health. No matter how much you buy the most expensive creams and serums, nothing will help, everything will return to normal until our liver is restored and well groomed. As a matter of fact, we care only for our outer shell, which mirrors our inner essence, then there is a function and state of the organs and the point.
Many hormone-dependent diseases originate in this body and support the liver - prevention of many problems in women, including, and such formidable as breast cancer. You already know that in the body everything is interconnected and everything feeds on the blood that the liver filters. If it is contaminated, then blood purification is weak, hence all diseases. Did the doctor ever tell you about this?
Of course not, when a doctor talks about this, because the reception of one patient stands out for several minutes and you need to collect anamnesis and prescribe another recipe. But now it's not a stone age, everything can be read on the Internet, about everything, and apply the most proven system to yourself. Yes, I agree with a lot of information, but it's very difficult to choose the right one for yourself. There are a lot of companies offering the best products, but demanding quality certificates and what, we do not know. And without quality certificates - GMP, ISOO 22000 and others, everything can be fake, unfortunately.
What are the symptoms of a weakened liver?
Despite the fact that most often the liver does not give pain, since the nerve endings do not approach it, it plays one of the main roles in the body's work.
Irritability, inexplicable fatigue, a tendency to allergies, dull skin, acne, skin diseases, the presence of a large number of moles, dandruff, poor sleep, lowering the level of vision, "bilious" character and others, there are a lot of them.
YOUR FOCUS SHOULD BE THE FOLLOWING OBJECTIVES - Improving the outflow of bile and eliminating stagnant liver and biliary ducts, activating the recovery of liver cells, improving the functions of the stomach and pancreas, correcting digestion, metabolism, antioxidant effect.
In addition to cleansing the body of waste and toxins of the environment, including medicines, the liver also participates in the regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol levels, regulates blood clotting, helps fight infections and destroys old red blood cells.
If the gallbladder does not work well, then bile accumulates and is released into the blood. Excess bile is usually a wrong way of life. Stagnation of bile in the liver leads to its chronic diseases. Absorbed into the blood, excess bile is then spread throughout the body and becomes a poison for it. Yellow eyes can scorch or blush, pain in the temples, as blood rushes to the head, memory impairments occur, depression occurs. Together with the blood, bile enters the muscles, joints, muscles, teeth, nails, hair, sperm leading to illness. To liver disease leads also to the abuse of spicy, fried, fatty foods, smoking, alcohol and beer.
How to help the liver and restore it in the modern world.

Helping the liver is unthinkable, without proper nutrition. A healthy diet helps reduce the burden on the liver.
The liver loves - fractional food up to 5 times a day, in small portions, food in a warm form.
Products useful for the liver - pumpkin in any form, cottage cheese, dried apricots, porridge in the morning, fresh soups, eggs, apples, flax seeds, beets, cabbage, olive oil, as well as vegetables, berries and fruits for the season.

I would like to remind the current generation that our active and healthy life depends primarily on our way of life, nutrition and movement. Do we take ourselves or leave with a head in making money, forgetting about health, losing which we will not have enough of this money to return his generation. Today's generation has forgotten what a charge is, does not remember and does not know that there was a useful production gymnastics. Today I have an appeal to those who read me, you can still fix a lot in your life.
Think what you eat!
After all, now most of the products are sold unnatural. We mostly like sweet, tasty, fatty that there was a smell and taste, but all this is not useful for a person. Someone may object to me, but why should I live if there are so many restrictions?
We need to live, enjoy healthy nutrition, monitor our health and think about what will happen to me in 25-25 years, so as not to become a burden to my children and grandchildren. By the old age, you need to prepare yourself in advance, to repeat, do not be a burden.
Very important!
To maintain and restore the liver, gall bladder and whole gastrointestinal tract, the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology has developed a series of peptide bioregulators.
Synthesized, for triggering the mechanism of action - OVAGEN and the natural peptide bioregulator SVETINORM, the composition includes liver peptides. Clinical study of these drugs has established their effectiveness for complex liver restoration.
In combination with peptide bioregulators, it is necessary to take ARDILIF, remove the inflammatory process, OLECAP, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.
A four-month course will lead your liver to a significant improvement in its performance and will restore its work. Even if you do one course a year, if you are under 45, this will additionally add to you 20 years of active life in the future.

Provide the necessary support for the liver - and be sure - her gratitude will not take long.
If you have any questions, please write to me at shop@npcriz.co
I will answer your questions and hold a free, 20-minute consultation on your specific issue.
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