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2017 Endoluten - treatment of human reproductive disorders

Relationship between epiphysis cycles and human age
epiphysis The epiphysis (pineal body) is a small gland in the brain that regulates the cyclic processes in the human body.
For a long time, its destination remained unclear until the hormone of the epiphysis, melatonin, was discovered. The release of it occurs unevenly and depends on the time of day, the light duration of the day and the age of the person.
Melatonin has a direct effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary system, and primarily on the release of sex-releasing hormones - those that regulate the activity of the sex glands. Thus, he is responsible for the processes of maturation, aging and reproduction of the offspring.
In addition, melatonin regulates our activity depending on the time of the day and the season of the year. This allows the body to fully rest at night, to be the most efficient day, to adapt to the length of daylight hours: almost all notice their increased activity in spring and summer, and a kind of "hibernation" in the cold season. Violation of the cyclic activity of the epiphysis entails disorder in all body systems, hormonal imbalance, early aging and menopause. The body simply wears out prematurely, because it does not have the ability to recover fully.
Endoluten - the golden standard of longevity
Endoluten is a peptide drug isolated from the epiphysis of young animals. Peptides have a unique bioregulatory ability - getting into cells of the pineal gland of a person, they restore the correct rhythm of synthesis and release of melatonin. He, in turn, normalizes the cycles of sleep and wakefulness, so the nervous system can completely recover at night during a healthy sleep, actively work during the day and adequately regulate the body's activity.
The ratio of various hormones in the blood comes to normal, thanks to which all the systems of organs begin to work together smoothly.
Reproductive function in women and fertility in men is restored. This is the most important sign of youth and functional activity of a person.
Retreat old age, menopause and cancer, which are signs of wear and tear.
Thus, Endoluten is a unique and extremely effective means for prolonging youth, maintaining health and maintaining activity at a high level.
The amazing feature of Endoluten is the maximum naturalness of its effect on the pineal gland. He restores the production of his own melatonin in the body exactly in the quantity and with the frequency that is programmed genetically - no other drug is capable of it! This ensures high effectiveness of the drug, the complete absence of side effects and the ability to combine it with any other medications.

Treatment of reproductive disorders by peptides

Endoluten is absolutely indispensable in the treatment of diseases of the reproductive system in both men and women. In addition to a favorable effect on the hormonal background and human health, he restores sexual desire and returns the ability to experience pleasure from sexual relations.
Male reproductive health
Of the entire male reproductive system, the smallest gland most often suffers, which covers the urethra in the place where it exits the bladder - the prostate. It is sensitive to the effects of male sex hormones, therefore, with their imbalance, pathological changes occur in it.
prostata Prostatitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the prostate. The inflammatory process leads to swelling and an increase in the size of the gland. It squeezes the urethra, making urination difficult, up to a complete urinary retention in the bladder.
Prostate adenoma is a benign gland tumor, which also leads to narrowing of the urethral lumen. Appears in most men older than 45 years, as a result of a decrease in the synthesis of sex steroids and hormonal imbalance.
Disruption of the pineal gland first of all has a negative effect on the reproductive system. Therefore, the peptide drug Endoluten is indicated for the treatment of prostatitis and prostatic adenoma. It restores the normal ratio of sex steroids, thereby reducing the size of the tumor and the gland itself.

Libidon is a complex of peptides derived from the prostate of young animals. Penetrating the cells of the gland, they normalize their functional activity, restore the ability to respond adequately to hormonal signals. Strengthens the effect of basic therapy, accelerates the return of the prostate to normal size,
Testolutene is a peptide derived from testicles of young animals. Male genital glands are responsible for the production of testosterone and the formation of spermatozoa. Admission Testoluten increases the activity of spermatozoa, normalizes the synthesis of testosterone, increases libido.

Chitomur is a peptide drug that is obtained from the wall of the bladder of calves. It is used in complex treatment with peptides of prostatic adenoma and prostatitis, facilitates urination, normalizing the function of the sphincter at the exit of the bladder.
Increase the effectiveness of therapy with the following drugs:

Olekap is a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants;
Peptide complex number 9 - contains peptides of blood vessels, brain, liver;

Actiman is a plant antioxidant drug.
Women's reproductive health
Performance of reproductive function is impossible without the balanced development of female sex hormones - estrogen and progesterone. Hormonal imbalance leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle, infertility and early menopause.
polikistoz ovaries - a disease associated with a lack of female sex hormones. Every month in the ovary ripens the follicle, from which, after its rupture, a mature egg leaves.
With polycystosis, the follicle can not burst, so it turns into a cavity filled with fluid-a cyst. Over time, the ovaries are completely filled with such formations.
Climax is a natural process of extinction of female reproductive function. However, if it begins too early (up to 45 years), a lot of unpleasant symptoms appear, such as hot flushes, sweating, irritability, jumps in blood pressure.
To treat these conditions, usually prescribed hormone replacement therapy - a woman takes the drugs of sex hormones. Unfortunately, they often lead to the development of side effects, as they create high concentrations in the blood.
The most natural way to restore the hormonal balance is the treatment of peptides derived from the tissues of young animals. The following preparations are used for this:

Zhenoluten is a peptide preparation derived from ovarian cells. It normalizes the synthesis and cyclicity of the release of female sex hormones. The menstrual cycle becomes regular, the unpleasant phenomena of the premenstrual period decrease. Treatment with the peptide preparation Zhenoluten restores the process of egg maturation in polycystosis.

Vladonix - peptides of the thymus gland (thymus) calves. It is the central organ of the immune system, which in an adult person undergoes a reverse development until completely disappearing to old age. Admission peptide drug Vladonix allows you to delay the onset of menopause, due to which the latter proceeds more gently.

Peptide complex 10 - contains peptides of thymus, vessels and brain. Restores the regulatory function of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, slows down the aging process. In the treatment of inflammatory gynecological diseases (adnexitis, colpitis), sexual infections, peptides accelerate recovery by activating the immune response.

Femalin is a preparation that contains vegetable estrogens (phytoestrogens) and antioxidants. Replenish the lack of female sex hormones, protects the tissue from premature aging under the influence of free radicals.

Chitomur - is indicated for incontinence, which often accompanies gynecological diseases. Helps cope with burning and discomfort in the urethra during menopause.

Olecap - slows down aging.

Endoluten favorably affects the regulation of the ovaries, restores the correct ratio of estrogen and progesterone in the female body. The drug raises fertility (the ability to become pregnant) and creates favorable conditions for bearing a healthy child.
Clinically proved Endoluten's ability to normalize the work of the nervous system and restore the hormonal balance after severe diseases, the treatment of cancerous tumors with toxic drugs and radiation, exhaustion, the impact of unfavorable environmental factors. It facilitates the course of menopause and slows down the aging process of the body.
Endoluten allows:
normalize all the cyclic processes in the body;
regulate the sexual system;
increase the ability to procreate;
postpone climax and smooth its consequences;
normalize immunity;
increase life expectancy;
buying a drug for the prevention of tumors, including the reproductive system, you can reduce the risk of their occurrence in 5 times.