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2017 What is diabetes?

Diabetes and peptides, diabetes treatment.

Diabetes is a chronic disease associated with a violation of carbohydrate metabolism. The organism of a diabetic is not able to utilize glucose, which is the main source of energy for cells. This is due to the inadequate production of the hormone insulin by the pancreas.
This disease is one of the most common endocrine diseases (about 2% of the world population). In addition, there are almost as many patients with latent diabetes and genetically predisposed to this disease.
Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, amputation and kidney failure. According to forecasts, by 2030 this disease will be the 7th leading cause of death in the world.

The effect of diabetes on human life
People with diabetes have to inject themselves every day with a missing dose of insulin by subcutaneous injection, often several times a day. In addition, that it is uncomfortable, painful, with time, atrophic processes develop at the injection sites - the subcutaneous fatty tissue is thinned, the skin acquires an unattractive appearance.
There is a danger of making a mistake with the dose of insulin and falling into a hypoglycemic coma. Essential inconveniences make it necessary to always have the insulin preparation at hand, to observe the conditions of its storage. Strict adherence to the diet with the counting of grain units and constant monitoring of blood sugar also do not add to the joy of patients.

The disease is also dangerous because it can not show itself for a long period of time. As the disease progresses, the symptoms become more pronounced. These include frequent urination, hunger, thirst, drowsiness, apathy, numbness of the limbs, sensitivity to infectious diseases, nausea.
How to treat
In any disease, a person has a choice, to seek help from traditional medicine or to seek other, more effective methods of treatment if modern medicine is powerless to help.
Traditional medicine
At the moment, traditional medicine does not know the medicamental way to cure diabetes. Preparations that are able to repair or damage pancreatic cells have not been developed. The only effective direction is a pancreas transplant, but such operations are incredibly complex, they have been conducted only a few hundred all over the world. Therefore, substitution therapy - life-long injections of insulin is widely used. Only so the development of the disease can be kept for a long time.
An alternative method is treatment with peptides
Peptides are components of proteins, small amino acid sequences. In turn, proteins are the most important building material in the body, and they also regulate almost all biochemical processes in cells. Protein is the basis of life.
By affecting the structure of proteins, it is possible to restore damaged cells and tissues of the body. By building in the metabolism of pancreatic cells, peptide bioregulators normalize metabolic processes in them and restore the production of insulin. Thus, the gland itself begins to cope with its functions and gradually the need for injections of insulin can disappear altogether.
Based on peptides responsible for the pancreas, brain, liver, epiphysis and blood vessels, a number of drugs have been developed that are used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. These include Endoluten, Suprefort, Cerluten, Svetinorm, Ventfort, Vizoluten, Pangluin, Retisil, Mesotel-neo, Ardiliv, as well as peptides PC-16 and PC-17.


I share a very good result in reducing sugar in non-insulin-dependent diabetes. As it turned out that Endoluten and Vladonix successfully reduced and keeps in a stable form the sugar level of my own uncle (a very large skeptic, hardly persuaded him to take anything at all, as there are enough health issues). And these drugs he agreed to take only for the prostate gland. This is how our medications work on the whole organism.
The sugar level was 10, now 4-5. The drugs were taken for 1 month, only those that I wrote about.
Many thanks to both the endocrinologists and the project team.
Our son (16.5 years) was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus 2 years ago + six months later they began to prick insulin.
Only now one of the doctors advised to take the increased dosage of this drug. But, unfortunately, the drug is not cheap. And for a month 2-3 packs were required.
I allowed myself to give gradually a very reduced dose, 2 times less than recommended by the instructions.
After the first month of admission (1 capsule + peptide complex liquid 1,5 dosage) descended into analyzes.
The result was very gratifying. The doctor said that we reduce the dose of insulin.
Thank you once again and the doctor who recommended the drug, and the team.
I'm URGENT in a hospital cause, like a diabetic. I did not appear there two or three years ago. Here they are stunned by my reduced sugar (it was 10.0 - it was 5.5).
I took a COMPLETE complex ("Comprehensive application of NPCRIZ products") except for teas, I do not like them ...

The eight-year-old girl from Riga, at the initial stage of treatment, left the night insulin, and subsequently completely stopped her from stabbing him. When I was fond of chocolates and cake, sugar again rose. After consultation with DA Gorgiladze received the following response: after leaving insulin for six months, a minimum diet should be observed, the result should be fixed.
Grandfather's story about the treatment:
The girl became ill with diabetes in 5 years. After the diagnosis was made in the hospital, after the discharge we began to search for the reasons. The child became ill after the flu. I contacted well-known doctors and we made an imago diagnosis, during which it was revealed that the disease has a toxic origin (Giardia). In the process of their vital activity in the body, the thyroid gland and then the pancreas were affected. The first stage was the procedure for removing lamblia from the body with the same imago equipment. It took three months. In the process of removing lamblia we took bada as prescribed by the doctor who conducted these procedures. We used the bites and vitamins of Amway. This is Garlic, Omega 3 complex, and multivitamins. At that time, we knew nothing about the company NPCRIZ. Then we gave the child the juice "NONI" and ACCAI. Improvements were, the level of sugar decreased, but insulin continued to prick. The sugar level did not rise above 15 units compared to 22-25 units before that. Approximately in 2010, the girl was already 9 years old I got acquainted with the company NPCRIZ, got acquainted with peptide products. But to apply it was not solved as in all descriptions it has been specified what to apply peptides it is possible from 14 years. At one of the online conferences with the participation of Havinson, I asked the question to Havinson, which was answered that it is possible to use peptides only from the age of 14. (This is due to the fact that peptides are registered as dietary supplements, it's easier to get registered, and dietary supplements can be used by law only from the age of 14). But there is a small loophole, liquid peptides for 0.5 of this dose. We started using PC-6 and PC-7. The level of sugar began to drop sharply after a week. After 2 weeks, we gave up insulin during the day, leaving only a night-long one. In less than 3 months, the child went to the hospital for a scheduled check. And for the first time in 4 years the child stayed in the hospital for 3 days. All the tests were done and the doctors noted a sharp improvement and discharged the girl from the hospital. Now the girl is 12 years old (Oct.2013). In sweets it is almost not limited. Sugar in the morning is the highest rate of 6-7 units. Sometimes it reaches 10-11 units, but then we know that the child ate at a sweet school. Insulin is no longer kolim. Currently, we use PC-06, PC-07, Pangluin and Pangiton tea. PC-06 and PC-07 in the morning before the school 3 months, then 3 months break and again 3 months. Tea pangiton 2 times a day for 20 minutes. before meals and Panglooin 1 spoonful 2 times a day with meals. When it turns 14, then it will be possible to use the encapsulated Peptides Suprefort for the pancreas.
Thus. Initially, it is necessary to identify the type of diabetes - toxic or hereditary. Then we need to find out which organs are affected. We diagnosed all this using the Imago apparatus. It is better to select the drugs only after this.