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2017 Nomination for the Nobel Prize

Professor Chavinson wanted to extend the life of his parents. Russian Professor Vladimir Havinson was the first in the world to create a unique miracle cure that extends life to 110-120 years and treats of old age. For the unique invention of Vladimir Chavinson was nominated for the Nobel Prize.

But the most important thing for Professor Chavinson is that the medicine, day by day, month after month, prolongs the life of his old mother, 90-year-old Anna Yakovlevna.

"I did all my medicines for my mother's sake and for her," the famous gerontologist Vladimir Chavinson confessed to Life. - More than 30 years ago, my mother Anna Yakovlevna diagnosed with diabetes. Since this all started. She sharply reduced visual acuity, she, in fact, was blind - this often happens with diabetes. And then I created the first drug for her - from peptides isolated from the retina of the calves' eyes. And her eyesight was restored. Mom also took other drugs that normalize the state of the body's systems. On December 5, we celebrated the anniversary - she turned 90 years old. She lives in America and still leads an active, saturated life - still she takes care of the garden herself, loves to make flowers, to the last she rides a bicycle. She does not even paint her hair until now - she does not have gray hair at all.

At the same time, the general condition of the father of Professor Chavinson sharply worsened.

- My father Khatskel Khaimovich at the age of 60 years suffered from a spasm of blood vessels, he lost consciousness, the doctors talked about atherosclerosis and pre-sultness. We could lose him any minute. Fortunately, even then bioregulators from the thymus and the epiphysis were created - the fundamental drugs on which life depends. After several courses, his father lived another 30 happy years - he died at 92, because of an accident, falling from the stairs: in the place of impact he formed a tumor, which was the cause of death. But until recently, its vessels, heart, internal organs were in perfect condition. Parents have always been the most loyal patient of his son.

"My mother is still my most important patient," smiles Vladimir Havinson. - She says: "I did not like this drug, but it very well helps." And I always listen seriously to her remarks, because she is a very responsible patient, whom I trust 100% - when she takes my drugs, she will never take any others, and she carefully puts all her sensations in a notebook. The son rescued his parents from old age, giving them many years of healthy life - just because he loves them very much.

- It so happened that I prepared all my preparations for my parents. In recent years, the father, like many elderly people, had a bladder weakness, and then specially for him I came up with a medicine that without restoring the elasticity of the walls of the bladder. It is still the only one of its kind in the world ...


Medicinal preparations of Vladimir Chavinson - peptide bioregulators - have made a real revolution in medicine.

"Without false modesty, I will say: for today this is the largest discovery in biology and medicine," Professor Vladimir Chavinson smiles happily. - Russia was the first to win old age and create a recipe for increasing the life of a person by 40%. And all this thanks to the Soviet Union. Our studies began in the USSR, were conducted for military purposes, and the great country did not spare our scientific development of money. When we talk about the scale of our experiments at scientific conferences, first of all Americans ask: "Who financed your developments?" Foreigners were not unaware of the burning interest of the invention of Havinson. As is known, in 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine received three Americans - Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Grader and Jack Shostak - for the discovery of a medicine for old age, namely, the mechanism for the protection of chromosomes by telomeres.

- But we did it back in 2003! Exclaimed Professor Havinson. "We found a way to activate telomerase and increase telomeres 2.5 times and published our scientific report in one prestigious scientific collection with Americans.

The professor gets a collection of scientific papers at the conference in Cold Spring Harbor and, opening it, points to the names of future Nobel laureates at the time - Carol Grader and Elizabeth Blackburn - and his own - Vladimir Chavinson.

"After listening to our report, they were upset and said: Well, they say, we need to check, and six years later we prepared our report on the same topic ... Any science, any discovery also requires PR as any other product or thing. Because the product produced by the intellect, unfortunately, without PR will disappear.


At the very beginning of the research, none of our scientists and did not assume that beating over the creation of the elixir of eternal youth.

- This effect was revealed unexpectedly, as a side effect, - laughs Professor Chavinson. - I served in the Leningrad Military Medical Academy, and we developed drugs that could improve combat capability


At the very beginning of the research, none of our scientists and did not assume that beating over the creation of the elixir of eternal youth.

- This effect was revealed unexpectedly, as a side effect, - laughs Professor Havinson. - I served in the Leningrad Military Medical Academy, and we developed drugs that could improve the fighting efficiency of the Soviet armed forces. The work was conducted under the label "secret".

"When we started to work, the development of a war laser that burns the retina of the eye was in the world," recalls Colonel of the medical service retired Professor Vladimir Havinson. - Our task was to create a medicine that protects a person from the impact of a combat laser. We isolated specific substances - peptides - from the retina of the eyes of calves. For experiments, we needed 100,000 calves' eyes, and we immediately received them from the Leningrad meat-packing plant named after Kirov. We first tested the drug on rabbits, then conducted clinical trials in humans. It turned out that our medicine - the only one in the world - reduces the destructive effect of the laser on the retina of the eye, and then restores it. There is no such drug anywhere - not in the US or in Europe - until now. The drug has become a super achievement of Russia - it is the only one without surgery to treat diseases of the retina of the eye, not only stopping the process of vision reduction, but also restoring it in two weeks.

- The head of the largest Turkish company "Bosporgaz" Mr. Ali Shen traveled the whole world, trying to save from blindness due to the defeat of the retina of his son Adnen, "Professor Svetlana Trofimova told" Life "of the deputy director. - And when the son began to see after the course of our treatment with the drug, his 70-year-old father-oligarch wept with happiness ... Following the first drug from the retina of the eyes, others followed - from the liver, pancreas, from the heart, bladder of calves, from the testes Cattle. It turned out that each of the drugs restored the normal activity of the corresponding organ or system in humans. But the fact that the drugs of Havinson prolong life and return youth, learned by chance!

- During the research, we checked our drugs for possible toxicity, and suddenly a side effect unexpectedly appeared - they obviously prolonged life! The rodents who received the drug lived much longer than those who did not receive it. Moreover, even healthier - they looked younger! All the body systems worked like a clock - at the optimum level for their age! The experiment was repeated 25 times (each lasted for 2-3 years). The results are the same! Checked on the monkeys. With the same result. We realized that we are on the verge of a world discovery ...


- Clinical studies have been completed, summarizing the 37-year work of several thousand people, 50 scientific institutions of the Soviet Union: the elderly people who took our drugs live longer by 40%, and all the body systems work for them clearly, like a clock - as if time has turned back.

For a unique study, one of the foreign institutions of the north-western region - from Finland - in 2010 nominated Professor Vladimir Chavinson for the Nobel Prize.

St. Petersburg Tatyana Rosina no one gives her real age - her 87. She is sociable, active, still teaches English and speaks fluent in seven languages. She takes drugs for more than 10 years.

- All the systems of the body of our patient - cardiovascular, central nervous, digestive, etc. - work optimally for her age, - says Ph.D., Professor Svetlana Trofimova. Preparations are accepted by all employees of the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology.

"I am 64 years old myself, and I take drugs for 15 years," Vladimir Zhivinson confessed to Life. - My resource - to live another 45 years - up to 110 years, I tell you quite seriously. My physical and mental energy allows - I swim in the pool, do not eat too much, sleep at night and take medications. Many people say: I'll take a pill - and I will live up to 120 years. Hell no! One tablet does not help you live up to 120 years: this is a complex business - you need to sleep enough, just move, do not get fat, breathe clean air, drink clean water. This is the level of culture. Fools do not live long. Only a smart person has a chance to live a long time ...