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arr32021 Respiro 180 Peptides / Respiro 3 Linguals. Taking care of the respiratory system With the onset of cold weather, we are susceptible to exacerbation of... arr32021 How to preserve your vision Cheerfulness, activity, dynamism and richness with life are indispensable attributes of the... arr32021 Changes in human sperm motility characteristics in the presence of Viorgon-18  Viorgon-18 V.V. Evdokimov1 , Е.А. Efremov1 , P.А. Elistratov2 , I.А. Yamskov2 , А.F.... arr32021 Viophtans: Structural aspects and chaperone activity ... arr32020 Viorgons. Prevention and assistance with various diseases. Strokes, heart attacks, traumatic brain injuries (operations).If there is a violation of the... arr32019 Oligopeptides and the nuances of their use This article is devoted to oligopeptides and the nuances of their use. Very often, talking about... arr32019 Healthy Liver - Healthy Skin! You can ask banal questions:How often do you wash your face?Do you brush your teeth?Do you clean... arr32019 Peptides NPCRIZ: Effective Protection of the Liver and Pancreas    The human body works as a single, well-coordinated mechanism and any failure in the work of... arr32019 Anti-age complex NB Anti-AGE Complex NB: The Secret of Stellar Excellence   Friends! 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Today, many of us are... arr32017 Recovering the liver with peptides is extremely important in the fallRecovering the liver with peptides is extremely important in the fall. The aggravation of many... arr32017 Endoluten - treatment of human reproductive disordersRelationship between epiphysis cycles and human ageepiphysis The epiphysis (pineal body) is a small... arr32017 NEW Cosmetics RevilabNEW Cosmetics Revilab The company NPCRIZ constantly cares about its customers and fans of products.... arr32017 Revilab peptide SL ‒ innovation of the future!Modern consumers live in an accelerated pace, value their time and strive for a quick result. Each... arr32017 I was returned to life by peptides NPCRIZ "My name is Zhibek Aidarbekova. I am 58 years old. I live in Almaty, I am a retired police major,... arr32017 Nomination for the Nobel PrizeProfessor Chavinson wanted to extend the life of his parents. Russian Professor Vladimir Havinson... arr32017 Regenart: Joints under protection Diseases of the spine and joints are becoming an increasingly urgent problem in modern society. In... arr32017 What is diabetes?Diabetes and peptides, diabetes treatment. Diabetes is a chronic disease associated with a... arr32017 Why the standard of cosmetics does not help? Any good, modern cream can improve the appearance of the skin because it has moisturizing,... arr32017 The difference between peptides like GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 from Chavinson peptidesAll bodybuilders must read this article!Ghrp peptides A few years ago the world of bodybuilding was... arr32017 Peptides in bodybuildingHormones take a leading position among drugs to increase muscle mass, burn fat and increase stamina.... arr32017 Antitumor activity of peptides. Peptides and cancerThe modern period of development of medicine is characterized by significant achievements in the... arr32017 About therapy of patients with chronic prostatitisIn both scientific and popular editions devoted to the problem of chronic prostatitis, there is a... arr32017 So what is the uniqueness of the peptides NPCRIZ Today, scientists know that aging and disease of an organism begins at the moment when stops... arr32017 A cure for old ageAging is a biological process which in contrast to the time influenced. People have always tried to... arr32017 Research peptides NPCRIZThe deterioration of the peptide Bioregulation in the body reduces its resistance to destabilizing... arr32017 The secret of life is in the nano-peptidesGerontologists Experts say that in homo sapiens, like biological species, the life limit is 110-120... arr32017 The peptides NPCRIZ in sports and bodybuildingNatural peptides of SPB of Institute of Bioregulation and gerontology are widely used in... arr32016 PEPTIDE geroprotectors - prevention of agingSt. Petersburg Institute of Bio-regulation and Gerontology,Saint Petersburg A typical sign of aging... arr32016 A model of complementary interaction of short peptides with the DNA double helixComparison of the spatial arrangement of functional groups of the nucleic bases on the surface of... arr32016 Peptides in cosmeticsPeptides can include not only medicines, but also in other products. For example, Russian scientists... arr32016 Why is all shown interest in peptide bioregulators? The interest on the part of scientists, doctors, beauty industry professionals, and ordinary... arr32016 Peptides NPCRIZ for the prevention and treatment of Zika VirusIn today's time when the world is attacked by new diseases, such as Zik Virus , the NPCRIZ company... arr32016 Serum for skin around the eyes №5Serum for skin around the eyes №5 green BeautifeyeTM and horse chestnut seed extract are directed... arr32016 WHAT IS REVITALIZATION ?Revitalization is a new direction in medicine, designed to facilitate the restoration, or rather,... arr32016 New products 2016  The range of natural peptide bioregulators added another novelty - geroprotector " Bonomarlot... arr32015 NEW Citomax-GlandokortThe complex of peptide fractions obtained from adrenal young animals. The isolated peptides have a...


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Revitalization is a new direction in medicine, designed to facilitate the restoration, or rather, rejuvenation of the body. Used in combination these methods of revitalization help slow aging and prevent the development characteristic of the elderly chronic disease, impairing quality of life and lead to premature wear of the organism. The effect of non-pharmacological revitalization based on stimulation of various body systems, leading, for some time, to the rise of their functionality.
Revitalization is the newest method of rejuvenation using the latest advances in molecular and cellular biology, allowing not changing aging and damaged organs, to refresh and rejuvenate their cellular structure.
Aging is an irreversible structural change in the organism, accompanied by gradual decline of the functions of man and his adaptation to the environment. Aging in varying degrees, affects all organic structures and their functions, immunological and adaptive mechanisms of the organism, reducing its stamina, mental ability and memory, and leading to the development of processes such as osteoporosis, cerebral atrophy, increased cholesterol, increased blood pressure, weakening of the immune system. That is, the aging, the cells of the body undergo gradual degeneration.
According to American researchers, the age at which people may remain completely healthy is 44 years for women (life expectancy at 78.8 years) and 40 years for men (average life expectancy of 72.6 years). That is, 32 - 35 years each the average person suffers from physical infirmity, the fading life. Revitalization is aimed at slowing the aging process and restoring the entire body to the former, younger and biologically active functional level.
Since antiquity in European and Eastern medicine for making anti-aging drugs using animal raw materials: testicles, ovaries, thyroid, thymus and pancreas, the brain, the antlers, bile, etc. Today, these biological products prepared from organs and tissues of healthy highly organized animals (cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, etc.). In scientific literature they are called organ or organotherapeutic funds.
Revitalization has already shown the people who come to forty years of age, when there are problems with the declining physical and mental capabilities, the aggravation of the disease, chronic fatigue and decreased performance.
The concept of the action of preparations is based on the phenomenon of self, or organ tropism. In homeopathy, implementing the principle of similarity "like cure like", the organ tropism suggests a beneficial effect on the affected human organ preparations from the corresponding fetal body animals. Simply put, liver extract heals and rejuvenates the liver, extract skin - skin extract of the heart muscle, the heart, etc.
The validity of this hypothesis is confirmed by numerous experimental studies. The disclosure of the mechanism of organotropnosti American researcher G. Blobel was awarded the Nobel prize for medicine in 1999, which dramatically increased the interest in fetal organic preparations, as a means of revitalisation and treatment of serious diseases.
We are talking about the preparations derived from the contents of the animal cell is a kind of biochemical laboratory of the living organism. In its composition this content is a lot of valuable biomolecules: proteins, amino acids, bioregulatory substances, cytokines, Chalons, peptides, growth factors, cell division, differentiation, etc.
Thanks to the "affinity" of this biomolecular mass cellular content of man, manifested another unique property of the organ - increased penetrating ability into cells, absorption, instant start in the metabolism and rapid impact on the physiological processes of the diseased tissue.
Orientation effects anti-aging or anti-aging effects of organic preparations is their key feature, which is implemented by restoring and activating the biochemical processes in organs, tissues, cells. The final link in the chain ("biomolecules") is a cage, which "absorbs" biomolecules input organopreparaty.
NPCRIZ is a unique company, for the first time combined expertise in network marketing and scientific management.
As a result, a thriving business accessible to everyone who wants to live actively and successfully.
Exclusive we guarantee our partners — the civilized market of dietary SUPPLEMENTS, the state's position and official medicine, with the real prospect of entering the European Union.
All of these successes, in particular, was preceded by serious scientific work jointly with the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and gerontology of SZO RAMS.
Now the team resumes its work, and each Partner and client Npcis gets the opportunity to enjoy an innovative and exclusive products, analogues of which previously could be accessed only the stars of show business and cinema, businessmen and the first persons of the state.
The range of products Ncris produced in the territory of the Russian Federation with observance of all necessary requirements and standards.
Every product is certified, and its effectiveness is confirmed by many years of clinical trials.