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Vazalamin - bioregulator of blood vessels.

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Vazalamin®- Bioregulator of blood vessels.

Contributes the normalization of the vascular system, it is recommended to improve the microcirculation in various organs and tissues

Diseases of the cardiovascular system in the modern world are the leading cause of mortality, disability, and reducing life expectancy. The pathogenesis of diseases in this group are the changes of the vascular wall, difficulty and disturbance of blood flow microcirculation.  In view of this was designed product with Organotrop action-oriented on correction of pathological changes in the vessels under various diseases - "Vazalamin."

  • Possesses selective effect on vascular tissue, normalizes blood circulation in organs and tissues in various diseases and exposure of the body to extreme factors.
  • Improves the condition of the vascular wall with endothelial dysfunction and improves vascular permeability, increases the strength of the capillary walls.
  • Indicated in the early stages of hypertension, and the elderly to maintain the functions of the vascular system.
  • Recommended in complex application with any cytamins to improve blood flow and microcirculation in the target organs and tissues.

As a result of comprehensive study of "Vazalamin" on 108 patients with atherosclerotic lesions of the arteries of different localization (intra- and extracranial, peripheral artery) and the severity of the pathology and microvasculature found that the use of "Vazalamin" helps to improve overall health, especially in patients with cerebrovascular disorders. In most patients with abnormal capillary bed after applying "Vazalamin" observed increase in the strength of the capillary walls and improves the condition of skin and hair, decreased frequency of intradermal hemorrhage.  According to the clinical and laboratory studies of blood established that the use of "Vazalamin" contributes to a significant decrease in total cholesterol, with the most marked reduction of atherogenic lipoprotein fractions in the blood. This effect seems to be associated with the action contained in the "Vazalamin" niacin - reduction factor increased content of lipoproteins. The presence in "Vazalamin" branched amino acids (valine, leucine, isoleucine) largely prevents the degradation of the vascular wall. On the background of of action "Vazalamin" is a restoration of the continuity of the venous blood flow and decrease the severity of disorders of microcirculation in the brain structures.

"Vazalamin" recommended to restore the structure of the intima and the normalization of the functions of the vascular wall in atherosclerotic arteriosclerosis, disturbance of microcirculation in tissues and organs in various diseases and the effects on the body of various extreme factors. In view of this, "Vazalamin" recommended practically to all persons older and elderly to maintain the function of the vascular system.

Results of application of "Vazalamin" at patients with atherosclerotic arteriosclerosis and other diseases of the circulatory system indicate that the most pronounced effect was observed with concomitant use of "Vazalamin" with "Cerebramin""Koramin""Hepatamin""Pankramin."

Indication of use:

  • Atherosclerosis is a common and cerebral,
  • Coronary heart disease,
  • Systemic and local microcirculatory disorders,
  • Encephalopathy,
  • Effects of acute cerebral circulatory disorders,
  • Hypercholesterolemia,
  • Raynaud's disease,
  • Extensive geriatric practice.


1-3 tablets 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes before meals with water without chewing. Course: 10-14 days. Repeat the course in 3-6 months.


Individual intolerance to the product components, pregnancy, lactation.

Format of release:

40 tablets per pack


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