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Tiramin - thyroid bioregulator.

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Tiramin®- thyroid bioregulator.

Improves the functioning of the thyroid gland with various violations of its functions, normalizes energy metabolism.

The thyroid gland as an organ of internal secretion plays a significant role in the formation of somatic and psycho man, functioning of various endocrine glands, regulation of mineral and energy metabolism, affect reproductive function, is involved in the regulation of higher nervous activity. Factors causing dysfunction and thyroid disease, diverse, so to correct and prevent violations hormone genesis, developing in various diseases, developed "Tiramin." 

  • Improves the metabolism of cells of the thyroid gland, resulting in normal levels of thyroid hormones, which positively influences the metabolism of the whole organism. 
  • Accelerates the recovery of thyroid function after surgery and after extreme stress loads. 
  • Recommended for use as a prophylactic agent in areas endemic for thyroid diseases. 

Clinical trials of "Tiramin" conducted on 180 patients with primary hypothyroidism. In patients with primary hypothyroidism dominated subjective manifestations astenoneurotic and asthenovegetative syndromes. Based on the results of instrumental studies defining characteristics of hypo- and atrophic changes in the thyroid gland. 

Conclusions about the effectiveness of using "Tiramin" done on the basis of the dynamics of subjective complaints and performance laboratory and instrumental studies, as well as control over the content of thyroid hormones in the blood group. 

As a result of clinical trials found that the course taking "Tiramin" promotes improvement of the disease in 84% of cases, with the greatest effect observed in older adults with severe symptoms of atrophic changes of the thyroid gland. While taking "Tiramin" occurred increase efficiency, decrease the frequency and intensity of headaches, as well as the normalization parameters cardialgias electrocardiogram. Revealed elevated levels of thyroid hormones to subnormal values​​, which may indicate a stabilizing effect of the components "Tiramin" on cancer cell metabolism and a positive effect on metabolic processes in general. 

"Tiramin" is recommended in situations of thyroid dysfunction, hypo- and hyperfunction, neoplastic processes in the glandular tissue. As a prophylactic agent "Tiramin" appropriate to use public areas endemic for thyroid diseases. Reception of "Tiramin" also recommended older persons and the elderly to maintain the function of the thyroid gland.

Indication of use: 

  • Hypo- and hyperthyroidism;
  • autoimmune thyroiditis;
  • pre- and postoperative periods during operations on the gland;
  • state after extreme stress loads;
  • geriatric practice. 


1-3 tablets 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes before meals with water without chewing. Course: 10-14 days. Repeat the course in 3-6 months. 


Individual intolerance to the product components, pregnancy, lactation. 

Release form:

40 tablets per pack


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