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Sunscreen 30 SPF Cell Rejuvenation, Green Visa 50 ml



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Sunscreen 30 SPF Series Cell Rejuvenation.
Effectively protects the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and prevents the formation of wrinkles, ideally protects against early aging of the skin and the appearance of age spots, signs of skin dryness.

Sunscreen 30 SPF for face Cell rejuvenation perfectly combines the care functions of an excellent day cream with reliable protection from all types of sunlight.

Supports the lipid mantle of the skin, strengthens its protective functions. Gives the skin a prolonged hydration.
As a component providing 30 SPF protection, Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine is used. Its "simple" name is Tinosorb-S. Approved by European cosmetics certification authorities. Broad spectrum filter. Absorbs and blocks all types of rays. Soluble in oil.
Ingredients: Prepared Water with Nanocluster of Silver (prepared water with silver nanoclusters), SPF-30 (SPF-30), Panthenol (panthenol), Lanolin (lanolin), Violet Extract (violet extract), Cucumber Extract (cucumber extract), Silk Proteins Extract (silk protein extract), Parsley Extract (parsley extract), Vitamin E, A (vitamins A and E). Peptide complex -4).
How to use

Wash face, neck and décolleté with a probiotic cleansing gel, irrigate with Tonic, then apply Sunscreen 30 SPF Cellular rejuvenation.
After three minutes, you can apply makeup if necessary.
It is important to apply sunscreen no earlier than a quarter of an hour before release.
If you are in the sun for more than three hours, you need to apply the cream again, and so every three hours.
It is best to remove with the help of our Micellar water of the same series, however, you can use other means for washing. After using Micellar water, it is necessary to wash your face with clean water, or irrigate it with Tonic abundantly, wash it off and remove with a napkin. Then continue with Basic Care.
Packed: 50 ml plastic bottle with a push-button dispenser in a nice box.


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