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Slimming - Bodyslim ( Bodylite)

60 tab.


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Greenviza Bodyslim drug improves metabolism, improves the functioning of internal organs, cleanses and nourishes the body, and enriches it with enzymes.

Greenviza company offers you a special product that allows you to quickly establish a metabolism!
This is a Bodyslim drug.

When we sit on any, even the most sparing diet, our body goes into a different state. The usual way of life changes and for years the established metabolism is disrupted. Time passes, everything returns to normal. It just so happens that time is running out! And I want to live a full-blooded life now. And I want to reduce the health risk to zero. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a metabolism.

It is also crucial during the period of weight loss and dieting to improve the functioning of internal organs, especially excretory organs, kidneys, and liver. It is necessary that they perform their functions with maximum efficiency - improve and accelerate the removal of fat, slag, maintain a water balance.

How to improve metabolism?
The Greenviza bodybuilding company is a perfect assistant in this.

Phytopreparation Bodilayt in the form of tablets has a rich composition.

He does a GENERAL CLEANING of an organism:
- tones the intestines
- normalizes sugar, cholesterol
- removes radionuclides and heavy metals and other toxic substances
- improves the excretion and outflow of bile

The Greenwisa bodybuilding company additionally nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals, contributes the enzymes necessary for the absorption of nutrients.
Prevents the deposition of fat in fat depots and rotting food in the intestines.

The Greenwise bodybuilding company supplies iodine to the body and supports the thyroid gland and the endocrine system as a whole.

In this way, it contributes to the normalization of weight and the activation of mental and physical activity.

Use Bodyslim and the question HOW TO IMPROVE THE EXCHANGE OF SUBSTANCES will be solved for you!

- antiviral;
- antiparasitic;
- anti-inflammatory;
- detoxic;
- easy laxative and diuretic;
- normalization of the thyroid gland and prevention of deviations in its work;
- improving the quality of digestion and assimilation of protein products;
- sedative;
- choleretic;
- carminative;
- tonic;
- bracing;
- normalizes appetite.


- contains enzymes, organic acids and flavonoids necessary to maintain normal weight;
- overweight, obesity, appetite control;
- lack of iodine, potassium, manganese;
- weak intestinal motility;
- constipation;
- violation of fatty, water-salt metabolism;
- swelling;
- fast fatiguability;
- chronic fatigue syndrome.


Herbal peptides of lemon, stalnik, horsetail, kelp, extracts of citrus peel, pineapple, lactose.


Individual sensitivity to components.

1-2 tablets 3 times a day.


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