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Reviplant -Chemo-and radio-protector of a NEW GENERATION

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Reviplant is a Chemo-and radio-protector of a NEW GENERATION

One of the main methods of cancer treatment is chemo radiotherapy, together with the use of products containing toxic substances and radiation to kill cancer cells and prevent further progression. However, during chemotherapy treatment healthy cells suffer as well, which leads to side effects, greatly worsen the patient's condition. In addition, the complications associated with chemotherapy alone can be life threatening. An important challenge for modern medicine is the development of drugs and supplements that can protect healthy cells and tissues from the effects of damaging factors (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) and increase the effectiveness and tolerability of treatment. One of such supplements is REVIPLANT ®.

This is a complex supplement with detoxifying, antioxidant, hepatoprotective and radio protective properties. It protects healthy cells which are not involved in tumor growth. Based on the radiotherapy research the product shows hepatoprotective properties.

Effects of the REVIPLANT supplement are determined by the properties of its constituent of amino acids: leucine, valine, arginine, isoleucine, and taurine to ensure activation of acidic processes in the liver, hepatocyte membrane stabilization, normalization of mitochondrial function, the formation of free amino acids and their derivatives, as well as protein synthesis in the liver. The amino acid complex has stimulating effect on the body-increasing stamina, promoting recovery from the effects of radiation and toxic substances. In addition, amino acids are the starting material for the synthesis of proteins and endogenous bioregulators that allows to restore metabolism.

One of the most common effects of chemotherapy is the development of immunodeficiency. Significant weakening of the immune system deprives the body from the ability to deal independently with the tumor cells, which creates conditions for their activity. REVIPLANT induces a natural, genetically programmed process of destroying diseased cells, which ultimately enhances the effectiveness of chemo-therapy.

  • prevention of secondary immunodeficiencies caused by radiation and chemical factors,
  • increased resistance to poisoning, infections, radiation,
  • to improve the well-being of cancer patients,
  • correction of metabolic processes, reducing pain threshold,
  • improved tolerability to chemoradiotherapy,
  • to increase the effectiveness of treatment of cancer patients.


Adults and children over 14 years old: 1 teaspoon (5.25 g), 2 times a day with meals. Course duration is 1 month. Possible to repeat a course from 3 t o4 times a year.


water, fructose, concentrated rose juice, amino acids, valine, arginine, taurine, leucine, isoleucine, extracts of: artichoke, rosehip, burdock, lewisia, fungus, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

Recommended as a source of valine and taurine.


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