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Revilab evolution №5 Lips lift serum

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Revilab evolution №5 Lips lift serum

Serum for the lips gently cares for the red border of the lips and skin around the mouth. Its main task is to restore the skin to youth, freshness, elasticity. The action of the serum is aimed at combating premature aging, improving the skin condition, leveling the relief and modeling the face oval. It moisturizes and smoothes the skin, as well as "wrinkles", gives the lips volume, expressiveness and well-groomed appearance.

Application method: 

To clean skin locally on the red edging of the lips and the skin around the mouth, apply a few drops of serum and spread evenly clapping movements until completely absorbed.Depending on the age of use serum 1-2 times a day. For maximum effect, use a serum regularly for at least 28-30 days 3-4 times a year.

Main components:

Thanks to the innovative peptide Maxi-Lip™, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans, the volume of the lips is increased, the skin is moistened, the peeling decreases and the "wrinkles" are smoothed out. As a result of the action of this component, the lips become more moistened, clearly delineated, elastic, soft.

Lanablue™ is an extract of blue-green algae, rich in various useful trace elements, amino acids and vitamins, protects the membranes of cells and lipids of the epidermis from oxidation, restores damaged and aged skin areas. Significantly reduces wrinkles after application, smoothes and regenerates the skin without any side effects.

Liftessense™ is an innovative biotechnological complex derived from the extract of a large tree fern (Chyathea Cumingii). It is incorporated into the serum to give a momentary lifting effect. This complex forms a strong mesh structure on the surface, which increases the tone and elasticity of the skin, visually reducing the number and depth of wrinkles.



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