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Polyenzyme - 9 immunomodulator



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It is produced on the basis of natural enzymes and medicinal plants of the Crimea (celandine, burdock) with the addition of hemolymph of bees. Preservative - natural honey.

- stimulates the immune mechanisms in the body, increases its resistance and resistance to environmentally unfavorable factors;
- activates the adaptive abilities of the body under stress, infections and antibiotic therapy;
- normalizes metabolic and trophic and metabolic processes in organs and tissues;
- increases mental and physical performance;
- has a powerful restorative and antioxidant effect;
- restores the immune status of the body;
- supports vitality and reproductive functions;
- interferes with radiation damage to organs and tissues, the development of autoimmune processes;
- activates anti-cancer protection.



- acute and chronic diseases of the most important organs and systems (digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous and genitourinary systems, respiratory system) with persistent atypical course;
- maintenance and correction of immune protective and metabolic processes in debilitated patients, HIV-infected and cancer patients, with the consequences of radiation injuries, radiation and chemotherapy;
- autoimmune and metabolic-dystophic diseases (collagenoses, vasculitis, etc.);
- Rhesus conflicts in pregnant women;
- inflammatory diseases of the genital area;
- purulent tonsillitis;
- chronic tonsillitis;
- pain in the right hypochondrium;
- morning dryness and bitterness in the mouth;
- flatulence.


Natural peptides, honey, medicinal herbs (celandine, burdock), bee hemolymph.

The celandine has anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, analgesic, anticonvulsant, antispasmodic, antimicrobial, wound healing, general strengthening, urinary and choleretic effects, normalizes blood pressure, calms the nervous system, stimulates lactation, is effective in treating wounds, the microflora of which is resistant and anti-bacterial development of metastases. Improves neuromuscular conduction. Increases the content of hemoglobin, white blood cells and red blood cells. It was believed that swallows collect celandine juice to return vision to their chicks, who were born blind.

Burdock has a high therapeutic value. It has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, blood-purifying, analgesic, anti-allergic, antimicrobial, wound healing, urinary and choleretic effects, promotes hematopoiesis, normalizes mineral metabolism and endocrine balance, regulates the formation of pancreatic enzymes, improves blood sugar, reduces insulin-forming functions, reduces glycogen liver, improves the condition of the skin and hair, restores metabolic processes in the body, inhibits the growth of malignant neoplasms any. Prevents mutation and growth of tumor cells, increases the overall resistance of the body.

Hemolymph of bees has a pronounced stimulating effect on metabolic, regenerative, trophic, adaptogenic processes in the human body, contributes to an increase in the level of T-lymphocytes, phagocytic activity, complement titer, a decrease in the level of B-lymphocytes and normalization of other biochemical parameters.


Individual sensitivity to components.


- 1 1/2 tsp. 20 minutes before meals, drink 1/2 cup of water, 2-3 times a day;
- with increased acidity - after 1.5-2 hours after eating.


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