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Polyenzyme 7 - Restorative and tonic formula


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It is used in almost all diseases. It has energy-saving, adaptogenic, immunomodulating properties, increases the vitality of the body.

It is produced on the basis of natural peptides and medicinal plants of the Crimea (milk thistle, red currant, tatarnik, chicory) with the addition of royal jelly, propolis extract and bee pollen. Preservative - natural honey.

- improves metabolic and metabolic trophic processes in organs and tissues;
- has a general strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect;
- stimulates the hematopoietic system;
- normalizes the rheological and fibrinolytic properties of blood;
- reduces the sensitivity of the body to allergens;
- increases the adaptive abilities of the body under stress, infections, radiation injuries, chemotherapy and antibiotic therapy;
- It has energy-saving, adaptogenic, immunomodulating properties, increases the vitality of the body.



- It is indicated for pathologies of the most important organs and systems (GIT - gastrointestinal tract, respiratory organs; cardiovascular, genitourinary, nervous and endocrine systems,);
- weakened patients;
- oncological diseases;
- radiation damage;
- anemia;
- violation of blood coagulation;
- allergic and skin diseases - dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis;
- intestinal dysbiosis;
- sore throat;
- menopausal syndrome;
- menopausal syndrome;
- chronic fatigue syndrome;
- decrease in potency;
- insomnia;
- allergic dermatosis;
- cardiopsychoneurosis;
- purulent-necrotic tonsillitis;
- paratonsillitis;
- allergy;
- bronchial asthma.


Natural peptides, honey, herbs (milk thistle, red currant, tatarnik, chicory), royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen.

Milk thistle has hepatoprotective, immunocorrecting, restorative, hepatoprotective, energy-saving, detoxicating, antioxidant effects.

Red currant is an anti-inflammatory, absorption, anticholisterinemic, antisclerotic, tonic, improves metabolism, restores strength, removes uric acid salts from the body.

Tatarnik has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, blood purifying, cardiotonic and antitumor effect, it is indicated in the recovery period after prolonged illnesses, it acts as a general strengthening and tonic in case of overwork and loss of strength.

Chicory has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, restorative, soothing, vasodilating, urine and choleretic action, normalizes blood sugar and metabolism, improves the functioning of the organs of vision. The people of chicory for its wide range of effects on the body and its strength are called the “king root”.

Royal jelly has antioxidant, antisclerotic, antimicrobial and immunocorrective effects, normalizes the functioning of the endocrine glands, improves metabolism, increases the general tone of the body, activates all vital processes, slows down the aging process.

Bee pollen (bee bread) has antimicrobial, hematopoietic, antitumor, antiallergic, immunocorrective, and general tonic effects, accelerates regenerative processes. The gerontological effect of honey is associated with the presence of pollen in it.

Propolis has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects, increases the body's immune status.


Individual sensitivity to components.


- 1 1/2 tsp. 20 minutes before meals, drink 1/2 cup of water, 2-3 times a day;
- with increased acidity - after 1.5-2 hours after eating.


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