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Polyenzyme - 5 - reproductive function



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Helps maintain normal hormonal balance in the body.

It is produced on the basis of natural enzymes and medicinal plants of the Crimea (horsetail, St. John's wort, hazel, licorice). Preservative - natural honey.

- improves the functioning of the endocrine glands;
- normalizes the synthesis and balance of male sex hormones;
- has an anti-inflammatory effect on the genitourinary system;
- supports active vitality and reproductive functions;
- restores potency;
- prolongs the period of sexual activity;
- prevents the development and progression of prostate adenoma.


- prolonged stress and physical stress (Ministry of Emergency Situations, athletes, people with heavy physical labor);
- long work at the computer;
- diseases of the endocrine system (hormonal): dysfunctions of the thyroid gland (hypo- and hyperthyroidism, nodular toxic goiter, etc.);
- pathology of the pancreas (diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemic conditions, fermentopathies);
- Compensation of the consequences of radiation injuries, radiation and chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy;
- dishormonal dysfunction of the gonads;
- autoimmune diseases, activation of antioxidant defense, correction of immunity, metabolism, connective tissue damage, prevention of neoplasms;
- for oncological (cancer) diseases, viral diseases, AIDS, hepatitis B and C;
- with pathology of the thyroid gland;
- as an adaptogen (allows the body to adapt to environmental conditions, which is very important for climate change, magnetic storms, daily stresses);
- after infections (tuberculosis, chlamydia), diabetes mellitus, acute lack of iodine in the body;
- in the postoperative period, especially persons of gerontological age (pensioners), with chronic fatigue syndrome;
- in the absence of appetite.


Natural peptides, honey, medicinal herbs (horsetail, St. John's wort, hazel, licorice).

Horsetail has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-sclerotic, diuretic and wound healing effects, prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys and bladder, helps maintain vascular elasticity, improves blood circulation, blood composition and metabolism, improves immunity, normalizes the functioning of the prostate gland, and increases sexual potency in men , favorably affects the recovery processes in the body of the elderly.

St. John's wort is the most popular plant of all known to us. It has antiseptic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and antidepressant effects, improves blood supply to the pelvic organs, restores the functions of the male genital glands, regulates metabolic processes in the body, normalizes blood pressure, and relieves nervousness and fatigue. Folk wisdom says: "As without bread flour cannot be baked, so without a St. John's wort it is impossible to treat a person."

Hazel has great nutritional value. It is a blood-purifying, vasodilating, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and general strengthening agent, it normalizes blood coagulation, improves blood circulation and functions of the male sex glands, and has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect in case of inflammation of the prostate gland.

Licorice is a means for preserving youth and giving vitality, has a beneficial effect on metabolism, has a general strengthening and tonic effect, regulates the production of hormones by the adrenal cortex, increases sexual potency, normalizes the water-salt balance, and has a diuretic effect in prostate adenoma. According to Chinese doctors, licorice should be used along with ginseng, it rejuvenates the body and it is not without reason that it is popularly called the "elixir of life."


Individual sensitivity to components.


- 1 1/2 tsp. 20 minutes before meals, drink 1/2 cup of water, 2-3 times a day;
- with increased acidity - after 1.5-2 hours after eating.


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