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Peptide Shampoo for All Hair Types

200 ml.

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Shampoo for all hair types with peptides

Surprisingly gentle shampoo that gives hair vitality, elasticity and volume.

The components of the shampoo are included, do not damage the protein structure of hair, has only a mild detergent action. It allows you to achieve and maintain a constant level of acidity of the skin close to normal. It provides a good cleaning and degreasing effect of soft, which has a preventive effect against diseases of the scalp. When used regularly, it restores the structure of damaged hair, gives them a healthy look.

It contains peptides - vessels, cartilage, the thymus

• stimulates the regeneration of hair follicles
• strengthens hair roots and scalp structure
• improves blood circulation in the scalp
• speeds up the metabolic processes
• It is recommended for daily use
• makes the hair easy to comb and lungs

Mode of application
Apply to wet hair, lather massage. Thoroughly rinse with warm water. Perhaps daily use. Avoid contact with eyes.


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