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Oligopeptide21 (gastrointestinal tract)

20 ml.


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Ingredients:Water, low molecular weight bioregulatory oligopeptides, extracts: propolis, olive leaves, Chinese magnolia vine, transcutol CG (ethoxydiglycol), hydrolyzed wheat germ proteins, coenzyme Q10, D-panthenol, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, sodium tartrate, liposorbate 80, polysedate 80 , methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.

Volume: 20 ml

It is used to rejuvenate and restore the gastrointestinal tract and strengthen the functions of the body's immune system. The bioactive substances in its composition have a complex selective effect on the cells and tissues that form the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate metabolic processes in the stomach and intestines. OLIGOPEPTIDE 21 effectively restores the disturbed balance and enzymatic activity of gastric cells, affects peristalsis and parietal digestion in the intestines, helps to maintain normal microflora and ensures balance in the work of local immunity and beneficial bacteria. Indications for use: gastrointestinal tract disorders associated with a decrease in the secretory activity of enzymes, weakening of intestinal motility, various types of dysbiosis.

Method of application: Oligopeptide 21: The drug is of central action. For adults and children over 12 years of age, apply in the amount of 12-15 drops to the skin of the inner surface of the forearm and rub in with light massaging movements until completely absorbed once a day. Duration of admission is 3 months 2 times a year, in autumn and spring. You should start taking oligopeptides smoothly, from two positions, 5-6 drops per dose per day, increasing the dose to a working time of 1-2 weeks. If necessary, you can connect two more positions of oligopeptides, also smoothly, but next month, etc.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the components of the drug, hypersensitivity.


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