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Oligopeptide19 (venous system)

20 ml.


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Ingredients:Water, low molecular weight bioregulatory oligopeptides, amino acid complex, succinic and tartaric acids, polysorbate 80, extracts: hop cones, calendula, hazel, essential oils: lemon balm, peppermint, wormwood.

Volume: 20 ml

It is used to rejuvenate and restore the venous system, with varicose veins, hemorrhoids Pharmacological properties: “Oligopeptide 19” is a low molecular weight protein compound for the health of your blood vessels. It fights varicose veins and prevents the formation of vascular networks by restoring the tone and permeability of venous and lymphatic vessels, activating blood microcirculation by 28%, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, and improving the condition of venous valves. “Oligopeptide 19” helps to improve the outflow of venous blood in the arms, legs and pelvic organs, thereby eliminating swelling and relieving leg fatigue. It makes hemorrhoids easier, since Oligopeptide 19 fights hyperplasia (proliferation) of the cavernous bodies of the rectum. Indications for use of "Oligopeptide 19": • Vascular asterisks, varicose veins, swelling of the legs; • Hemorrhoids; chronic prostatitis; • Congestion (stagnation) of the pelvic organs; • Trophic changes in the soft tissues of the lower leg ;,

Method of use: Oligopeptide 19: Adults and children over 12 years of age apply 12-15 drops of Oligopeptide 19 once a day on the inner surface of the forearm and rub in with light massaging movements until completely absorbed. The duration of use of "Oligopeptide 19" is 2-3 months. It is recommended that such courses of treatment with the drug "Oligopeptide 19" 2-3 times a year. First you need to apply 5-6 drops of "Oligopeptide 19" per day on your hand, increasing the dose to 12-15 drops for 1-2 weeks. If desired, two more oligopeptide positions can be added next month.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the components of the drug, hypersensitivity.


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