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Oligopeptide 6 (liver cells)

20 ml.


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Ingredients: Water, low molecular weight bioregulatory oligopeptides, a complex of amino acids, ubiquinones (coenzymes), phospholipids, unsaturated fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, linolenic, polysorbate 80, milk thistle seed extract, azulene, essential oils: orange, anise.

Volume: 20 ml

It has a pronounced anti-aging effect on liver cells, normalizes impaired detoxification and protein-forming function of the liver.

Pharmacological properties: Low molecular weight hepatoprotective oligopeptide 6 has a powerful hepatoprotective effect, normalizes impaired detoxification and protein-forming liver function due to the activation of several hundred isoforms of cytochrome P-450. It has a pronounced anti-aging effect on liver cells - hepatocytes and liver parenchyma due to the synthesis of plasma and secreted with bile prostaglandins, which also improves the functional state of the liver. It has a beneficial effect on liver function in chronic hepatitis of various etiologies (including alcoholic and medicinal), cirrhosis and liver fibrosis. Ubiquinones (coenzymes Q9 Q10), which are part of the composition, also contribute to the normalization of the functional activity of the liver after acute infectious and toxic hepatitis. Indications for use of Oligopeptide 6: • Age-related changes in the body, prevention of aging, restoration and improvement of liver function, metabolic disorders, dyskinesia of the biliary tract; • Conditions after infectious and toxic hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver fibrosis, normalization of lipid metabolism.

Method of use Oligopeptide 6: The drug is a central action. For adults and children over 12 years of age, apply in the amount of 12-15 drops to the skin of the inner surface of the forearm and rub in with light massaging movements until completely absorbed once a day. Duration of admission is 2-3 months. It is recommended that such courses be carried out 2-3 times a year. You should start taking oligopeptides smoothly, from two positions, 5-6 drops per dose per day, increasing the dose to a working time of 1-2 weeks. If necessary, you can connect two more positions of oligopeptides, also smoothly, but next month, etc.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the components of the drug, hypersensitivity.


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