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Oligopeptide 1 (preventing hair loss)

20 ml.


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Ingredients: Water, low molecular weight bioregulatory oligopeptides, amino acid complex, succinic and tartaric acids, polysorbate 80, extracts: poultry, cloves, onion husks, essential oils: thyme, tea tree.

Volume: 20 ml

Oligopeptides Low molecular weight bioregulatory oligopeptides are an exclusive cure for old age.

The effect of oligopeptides is as follows:

-rejuvenate the cells of the human body,

-increase the resistance of cells to hypoxia, the action of toxins and other damaging factors,

-normalize the metabolism in tissues,

-increase the efficiency of tissue assimilation of nutrients and excretion of metabolic products,

-positively affect the functional activity of organs and tissues in normal and pathological conditions, optimize the processes of restoration of organs and tissues of the human body.

Oligopeptides not only slow down the aging process, but also restore the body as a whole, being physiological correctors of its functions. Available in 20 ml plastic dropper bottles. It has a wide range of effects on the scalp, bioactive substances effectively penetrate the skin of a bald area. Stimulates hair growth. Pharmacological properties: Exclusive bioregulatory oligopeptide 1 for external use. It has a wide range of effects on the scalp, bioactive substances effectively penetrate the skin of a bald area. The action consists in stopping and preventing hair loss, activating their growth, rejuvenating the scalp, increasing skin elasticity and hair elasticity, protecting against adverse environmental factors. Stimulates hair growth. Suitable for any type of hair. Indications for use of Oligopeptide 1: In case of androgenetic alopecia (male type), temporary hair loss (female type), focal alopecia, high front hairline, post-traumatic hair loss. Method of use Oligopeptide 1: Topical preparation. For adults and children over 12 years of age, apply in the amount of 15 drops to the bald area of ​​the scalp and rub in with light massaging movements until completely absorbed 2 times a day. Duration of use - 4 months. Such courses are recommended 2-3 times a year. You should start taking oligopeptides smoothly, from two positions, 5-6 drops per dose per day, increasing the dose to a working time of 1-2 weeks. If necessary, you can connect two more positions of oligopeptides, also smoothly, but next month, etc. Contraindications Oligopeptide 1: Individual intolerance to the components of the drug, hypersensitivity.


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