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Micellar water with peptide complex Green Visa 150 ml



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Micellar water gently cleanses the skin, gently and delicately removes makeup from the eyes and face. Water does not contain alcohol and other components harmful to the skin, does not violate the skin's natural protective layer.

The peptide complex removes toxins, restores the natural balance, improves skin elasticity, moisturizes and refreshes. The product makes the skin soft and velvety, gives it a radiance. Soft and safe, including for mature skin, cleansing with micellar water allows you to quickly and conveniently remove makeup, excess skin lipids, dust from your face and do not use hard tap water and aggressive cleansers.

Thanks to the active peptide complex, all products of the Cell Rejuvenation series are:

penetrate directly into the dermis and act on fibroblast receptors, make them actively synthesize certain substances necessary for the health and youth of the skin,
strengthen the skin's immunity, maintain the tone and texture of different skin types, eliminate inflammation, redness and signs of fatigue, heal and accelerate renewal,
reduce sensitivity to environmental aggression, improve microcirculation and lymph flow, reduce swelling, strengthen capillaries, significantly reduce wrinkle depth;
prolong the cell life cycle by 30-40%, which is very important for prolonging youth. The cell of the human body is able to reproduce itself no more than 50 times, then it is destroyed. In old age, cells live even less. The effect of peptides can significantly delay the biological aging of the skin;
provide a lifting effect and help maintain facial contour by increasing the level of collagen and elastin synthesis.
Mode of application

micellar water must be applied to the sponge and thoroughly clean the skin from makeup.


fatty acids, distilled water, D-panthenol, grape seed oil, peptide complex: matrixil, palmitol tetrapeptide 3, glycerin, tween-80, PEG-40, castor oil, essential oil: bergamot and orange, nipagin.


individual intolerance to the components.


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