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Levain - herbal Immunomodulator 30 tab.

30 tablets

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Levain herbal Immunomodulator

Successful treatment of cancer can not do without the use of anticancer drugs, actively takes part in the destruction of the structure of cancer cells. Immunomodulator herbal "Levain", having an auxiliary anti-tumor effect in the complex therapy significantly improves the results of this treatment. The positive effect is the direct effect of the drug on the tumor tissue.In addition, the drug has antidepressant, immunoregulatory and sedative effect. Its unique formula helps to increase efficiency of tired skeletal muscles, improve lipid metabolism, normalize blood pressure and improve immunity.

Recommended application:

− for cancer in the complex therapy
− with a decrease in immunity
− to improve circulation
− to improve lipid metabolism
− to improve the tone and feel better


Adults 1-2 tablets a day during mealtimes. Duration - 2-3 weeks. If necessary, you can repeat. Possible re receptions throughout the year.


MCC (carrier), lactose (filler), extract eleutherococcus senticosus, extract liquorice, extract schisandra chinensis, extract rhaponticum carthamoides, extract chamerion angustifolium, extract рlantago major, extract hypericum perforatum, extract amaranthus, extract rhodiola rosea, aerosil (the flowing agent), calcium stearate (the stabilizer).


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