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Femalin - normalizes the function of the female body

30 caps.

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Femalin - normalizes the function of the female body 

30 capsules

 Femalin normalizes the function of the female body. It helps to solve the problem of hormonal, sexual and psychosomatic wing, as well as the implementation of themselves as women at any age.

Recommended :

  • normalizes the genitourinary system- Increases libido,
  • normalizes the menstrual cycle,
  • facilitates the menopause,
  • reduces pelvic, lumbar pain during menstruation,
  • it enhances the sensitivity of the genital tract,
  • helps to eliminate the phenomenon of anorgasmia,
  • improves the neuroendocrine balance,
  • increases immunity,
  • eliminates aggression, neuroses, psychopathy, depression,
  • normalizes sleep,
  • has a positive effect in diseases of the female reproductive organs: uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, ovarian dysfunction,
  • helps to normalize blood pressure and heart function,
  • contributes to the normalization of weight, blood sugar and mineral metabolism in climacteric.
  • sexual disorder


1 capsule daily with a meal, duration 1 month. Possible re-admission within year. 


L-arginine, gelatine, an extract of Dioscorea(wild yam) (Lot. Dioscorea nipponica Extract), MCC, Muira puama extract (Lot. Ptyhopetalum olacoides extract), yohimbe bark extract (Lot. Yohimbe Bark extract), resveratrol (Lot. Resveratrol), stearate calcium, food coloring (E171)




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