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Felicita - Natural antidepressant of new generation

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Felicita - Natural antidepressant of new generation

Felicita has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Its action is due to its constituent amino acids; extracts of clove buds, herbs, basil and cinnamon; vitamins B; folic acid and calcium pantothenate, which play an important role in maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system. Biological complex Felicita helps accelerate occurring chemical reactions in the body, optimizing thought processes, support energy metabolism and vascular tone.

Felicita's influence on mental activity consists in taking a strong emotional stress caused by frequent stress and excessive physical activity. In the period of acute neuroses helps to alleviate the condition, normalizing the cycle of "sleep-wake", and partly to eliminate disease-related physical symptoms (irregular heartbeat, sweating, etc.).


  • in a period of strong emotional stress,
  • with nervousness, apathy, depression and chronic fatigue,
  • with physical and mental stress.


Adults and children over 14 years: 1 tablet a day during mealtimes. Duration - 4-6 weeks. If necessary, you can repeat. Possible re receptions throughout the year (fall and spring).


Magnesium carbonate, caking agent regulating MCC, vitamin premix (containing vitamins C, B1, B6, B12, PP, calcium pantothenate, folic acid, biotin); clove, basil, lecithin, cinnamon, tyrosine, arginine, phenylalanine, 5-hydroxytryptophan, calcium stearate.



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