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Face mask Cell rejuvenation with a peptide complex 40+ Green Visa 50 ml



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Peptide cosmetics - one of the most promising areas of anti-age cosmetology, can prevent and reduce the manifestations of skin aging, provides its expressed renewal. The advantage of cosmetics with peptide complexes cannot be overemphasized. In order to penetrate deep into the skin through the stratum corneum, epidermis and basement membrane, the molecules of the cosmetic product must be incredibly small (less than 50 monomer units). Only when deep molecules penetrate the skin can active molecules show their properties: stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers, help certain cells “quickly get involved” in the process of “paying off” stress and its effects in the skin, antioxidants to prevent lipid peroxidation and many others.

So, peptides are protein molecules consisting of amino acid residues linked together by peptide (amine) bonds in chains. Their size is much smaller than 50kDa, which allows them to reveal their full potential in the deep layers of the skin for positive changes, noticeable on its surface.

Thanks to the active peptide complex, all products of the Cell Rejuvenation series are:

- penetrate directly into the dermis and act on the receptors of fibroblasts, make them actively synthesize certain substances necessary for the health and youth of the skin;

- strengthen the skin's immunity, maintain the tone and texture of different types of skin, eliminate inflammation, redness and signs of fatigue, heal and accelerate renewal;

- reduce sensitivity to environmental aggression, improve microcirculation and lymph flow, reduce swelling, strengthen capillaries, significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles;

- prolong the cell life cycle by 30-40%, which is very important for prolonging youth. The cell of the human body is able to reproduce itself no more than 50 times, then it is destroyed. In old age, cells live even less. The effect of peptides can significantly delay the biological aging of the skin;

- provide a lifting effect and help maintain the contour of the face by increasing the level of synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Facial mask Cell rejuvenation thanks to selected plant peptides: Matrixil and Argireline has a noticeable moisturizing and renewing effect. A complex of high-quality oils and plant extracts nourishes and restores, moisturizes and provides antioxidant protection.

Hyaluronic acid - strengthens, restores and retains skin moisture. Improves natural color. Cleans fine lines and smoothes the skin. Increases firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Avocado oil - with regular use, the skin of the face becomes moisturized and soft, easily regenerates and repairs damaged cells. Prevents dryness and peeling. Useful components of avocado oil easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin due to the high content of squalene, due to this, the natural processes of formation of elastin and collagen are stimulated.

Flaxseed oil - contains the largest amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids linoleic and linolenic, which are essential for the functioning of the cell membrane. They support skin immunity, restore elasticity, improve the condition of the skin.

Pelargonium extract - rejuvenates and revitalizes, soothes and whitens the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, moisturizes and refreshes, nourishes, strengthens, smoothes wrinkles and restores elasticity. Herbal antioxidant and antiseptic.

Laminaria extract - has a rejuvenating effect. It supplies the skin with a balanced complex of microelements, prevents the appearance of wrinkles due to its high silicon content. Plant peptides and polysaccharides tone the skin, increase elasticity and stop aging.


water, hyaluronic acid, lanolin, avocado oil, flax seed oil, pelargonium extract, kelp extract; peptide complex: matrixil, argireline; sorbic acid, glycerol monostearate.


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