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Natural gel for washing with a probiotic complex.

Does not dry skin. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for children, teens, women, men.
It has a mark of compliance with the international quality system standard ISO 9001: 2008
A natural gel with a probiotic complex gently cleanses and renews the skin. Provides effective care and maintains its natural balance. It protects the protective functions of the skin and prevents inflammation. Does not tighten or dry the skin due to its organic composition. Heals, rejuvenates, refreshes the skin and enhances local immunity. It is an excellent tool for daily morning and evening facial treatments. Perfectly prepares the skin for applying tonic and Dr.Green creams and increases their effectiveness.

Cosmetics with probiotics must not be used sporadically, but throughout life. Probiotics are bacteria that are friendly to our body, which penetrate the pores and remain there, creating the right microflora of the skin. And this harmonious microflora prevents the loss of moisture, removes inflammation, redness. It also activates the work of fibroblasts, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
Dr.Green series probiotic cosmetics contain live cultures of probiotic bacteria. It acts at the cellular level, which improves the regeneration and repair processes in the skin, increases its tone and ability to remove toxins, strengthens the local immunity of the skin, restores its natural protective functions, and slows down aging.

Ingredients: natural peptides,prepared water (prepared water), culture of probiotic bakteria (probiotic bacteria culture), decyl glicoside (decyl glycoside), coco glicoside (cocoglycoside), coco caprilate (cococaprilate), gliceryl oleat (glyceryl oleate), gliceryn (ac / beheneth-25 metacrylate copolymer (acrylates / beheneth-25 methacrylate copolymer), citric acid (citric acid), sorbic acid (sorbic acid), parfume (perfume composition)
Before use, shake the bottle to evenly distribute probiotics. Apply gel to moisturized skin, massage gently and rinse with water at a comfortable temperature. Then it is recommended to use Tonic cleanser and face cream of your choice.
Packed in a 150 ml plastic bottle with push-button dispenser


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