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Cream-Soups REVIFORM

5 packages x 20gr

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Cream-Soups REVIFORM

Cream soups "Reviform" - is the ability to quickly and easily achieve the desired weight and perfect figure without exhausting diets and endless restrictions.

Soup chicken with vegetables, chicken with ginger, cheese, beef and vegetables, tomato beef are a good first course, providing the body with essential nutrients with minimum calories. Soups are based on natural peptides with sublimated meat meat, herbs and spices. Meat peptides have the best amino acid composition and enriched with trace elements, essential for a healthy functioning of the body: calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, iron and others.

Cream soups contain no GMOs, artificial colors and flavors. One package soups will provide you 5 working days hot, tasty and healthy lunch. Cook faster, easy to carry in a handbag, for use as the traditional cooking.


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