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Complex 3R - for cartilage repair 30 tab

30 tab.

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Complex 3R - positive influence on the process of cartilage repair 

 Integrated supplement has a positive influence on the process of cartilage repair. It is effect is enhanced by the simultaneous application of the most powerful antioxidant enzymes, which prevent damage to the collagen molecules - one of the main structural units of the cartilage. Hondromiks prevents the development of degenerative changes in the joints and spine, increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid - a major component of synovial fluid, providing gliding of the joint in the joint capsule, normalizes the composition of the joint lubricant. Helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints, but also eliminates the crunch and stiffness of the joints.

    • immunodeficiencies of various origins,
    • frequent viral diseases,
    • lipid metabolism,
    • as antioxidant,
    • for the prevention of cancer pathology,
    • for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Adults: 1 tables, 2 times a day with food. The duration is 4-6 weeks. If necessary, you can repeat the course throughout the year. Do not crush of crumble before use.

MCC, glucosamine sulfate, MSM, chondroitin sulfate, grapeseed extract, extract bosveliiserrata, catalase, superoxide dismutase, shellac, maltodextrin, akutsel AF (carboxymethyl cellulose), calcium stearate, polyethylene oxide, titanium dioxide.



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