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AMITABS - 1 - For Heart and Vessels

90 tab.

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AMITABS - 1 - For Heart and Vessels

Helps Heart and Vessels to work better. Regulates vessel posture & heart muscle metabolism. Especially good for organism. 

Arganine: irreplaceable amino-acid, which is one of the most important ingredients in metabolite ozone exchange process. Lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow and blood rheology. Lowers amount of cholesterol in the blood and defends against thromboses. Moreover, Arganine helps to lose weight, because it heightens muscle mass growth and lowers fat layers.


Fructose, MKC, dry orange juice, ascorbic acid, arganine, fragrance “Orange”, natural sweetener steviozid

Description of use:

Adults and children older than 14 years – 3 tablets a day

3 tablets have 30mg of Vitamin C, which is around 50% of average daily dosage.

Do not drink more than 6 tablets a day!



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